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Top ways to give back if you’re strapped for cash

Tuesday 5th Mar 2019

Not feeling so crash hot about the state of the world at the moment? Wondering how you can help if you’re strapped for cash and short on time? Luckily there are plenty of ways you can roll up your sleeves and make a difference. 

Donate blood

We’re obviously going to pop this one up the top, but it’s with very good reason that we do! The need for a safe blood supply in Australia never stops, and it’s only thanks to our amazing donors that we have enough to go around. Taking just one hour out of your day can help save three lives, and the best part is you can put your feet up and relax while doing it (also the snacks are on us!). 

Pick up rubbish on the beach (or anywhere)

If you’re lucky enough to have easy access to a beach, chances are high you’ve probably seen your fair share of rubbish washed up on the shore. The majority of marine debris in Australia comes from discarded plastic – and we don’t need to tell you how bad that is for marine wildlife and the environment.

Even just a five minute stroll on the foreshore picking up anything that doesn’t belong (and disposing of it properly) can help make a huge difference. And if you don’t feel like doing it alone there are plenty of groups encouraging clean-up efforts together. Share your clean up pics on social media to encourage others to join the cause.  


Love a good bargain hunt at the local op shop? Maybe patting a sweet little pupper is more your scene? No matter your interests, we bet there’s an opportunity for you to volunteer with a group or organisation that you’ll love.Volunteering is good for your community and it's a great way to improve self-confidence and build valuable skills. Have a Google for local volunteering opportunities that interest you and get started. It’s a win, win, win! 

Plant a tree

It sounds small, but planting trees can have a big impact. Trees provide oxygen, improve air quality and support wildlife. But don’t rush out and start digging a hole in your local park just yet – it’s always best to organise your tree planting with a local volunteer group. They’ll help with necessary equipment, locate areas where the trees are needed and make sure they’re the right variety for the climate and local environment.