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Thanks for giving Nick life

Tuesday 10th Jul 2018

Over the past 30 years, Nick has received 360 infusions from donated plasma. Today, he’s inspired to learn as much as he can about his diagnoses, and help provide support to others in similar situations. Here’s his story.

Nick was diagnosed with hyper IgM syndrome at just five months old – a genetic condition which means his body can’t produce all the antibodies needed to protect him from infection. “They call it an invisible illness,” says Nick, “on the outside I’m healthy, positive and optimistic, so everyone is unaware of my hidden battles”. Every month, Nick relies on infusions created from donated plasma to preserve his quality of life.

When Nick’s nephew Brodie was diagnosed with the same condition, Nick was inspired to take action -- dedicating his time to raise funds and awareness of disorders like his. Later this year, Nick will donate his bone marrow and blood to gene editing research at the University of California in Los Angeles in the hope of finally finding a cure.

But without plasma donations, none of Nick’s good work would be possible. “It means the world to me and my family.” For him, the value of a plasma donation is infinite. “People call plasma ‘liquid gold’ – but gold has a price. And to me and my family, plasma is priceless. Dear donor, thank you for giving me liquid life.”

The need for plasma in Australia is growing, and it’s easy to become a donor. Learn more about donating plasma.