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Meet the little girl who’s had 2 Donor Centre birthday parties

Friday 3rd Aug 2018

Elki is something of a Lifeblood icon. Her bubbly personality and happy disposition have been a regular fixture at our Nambour Donor Centre, where her friends, family and broader community regularly donate blood in her name.

Elki has Luekemia, and has been undergoing treatment for the past two years, supported by blood products throughout her journey. Because of her lowered immune system, Elki is  generally not allowed to party with children her own age, so her 4th and 5th birthday parties have both been hosted at the Nambour Donor Centre, with enormous support from her Lifeblood Teams group ‘Elki’s Donors’.


Elki's 4th Birthday

At one of her birthday parties, Make a Wish Foundation visited to grant Elki her fondest wish. Elki and her family were given the opportunity to travel to Thredbo, where Elki met her hero, Queen Elsa from ‘Frozen’. This wish, and the blood donations made in her name are so well deserved by this little girl, who is known for telling our donors to “be brave” with the needles, because she has to be.

Elki's 5th Birthday

In March, Elki celebrated her last chemotherapy treatment with a celebration alongside her Lifeblood family, at the local donor centre. Her parents, Lisa and Jevon, are regular fixtures there as plasma donors, and their tireless efforts to motivate the Lifeblood Teams Group to donate in her name have saved hundreds of lives.

In September we’ll celebrate Elki’s 6th birthday at Nambour Donor Centre, with a ballerina party.

Nambour’s blood donors are some of the most prolific in the country, donating more per capita than many other regions the same size, and Elki’s happy ending is one of the best things to come out of Nambour. Are you up for joining Nambour’s best?