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How your Blood Donation Can Affect an Entire Community

Friday 2nd Mar 2018

Every blood donation has the potential to save three lives, but have you ever thought about all the people beyond that patient whose lives are richer and happier thanks to your donation?

After Narelle’s life was saved by the generous blood donations of Australians, her husband, Tane was inspired to organise a thank you card from their community. It was his way of showing blood donors that they had a huge impact, not just on Narelle, but everyone in her life.  

When he told people about the card, the response was overwhelming. Everyone from Narelle’s best friend to her hairdresser wanted to write in it, and it quickly became clear that while it was Narelle’s life that was saved, many more lives were touched.

Watch Tane’s journey and hear from the people in Narelle’s life.

If you think Narelle and Tane’s story is amazing, consider the fact that every donation saves three lives and impacts three communities. It’s why your donations are so important, and why we’d love you donate today and donate regularly.

Make an appointment to save a life like Narelle’s. Your donation has the potential to affect an entire community of people.