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Five Christmas Gifts You Don’t Need to Wrap

It’s the most wonderful time of year – decorations are getting pulled from the boxes, there are fruit mince pies to be devoured, and Mariah Carey’s Christmas album is back on top of the charts. But not only is there Christmas lunch to cook for the family, but there’s also the presents to buy and wrap. It’s ok though because we’ve got your back with a nice list of gifts that not only require no wrapping, they will make you feel great, and some of them will save lives! 


Volunteering at a local charity or cause that’s close to you can be extremely rewarding. It will make you feel good, and you’ll be helping your community during one of the toughest times of the year for those in need. Many charities have found new ways for you to contribute your time safely this year, so you can look up local charities close to home, or donate your time or organisations that help people all across Australia and overseas. No matter where you decide to go, your time and effort is a precious gift that will be cherished this season.

Donate to the Red Cross

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, and also one of the busiest. Between finishing your projects at work, the endless Christmas invitations, and getting your decorations up, you might not have any spare time to volunteer. That’s ok, because you can still help those that need it! A donation to the Red Cross will go towards helping our most vulnerable community members. Donations are tax-deductible and can be made online, so you don’t even need to leave your home to help.

Register to become an organ donor

Registering to become an organ donor can be one of the greatest gifts you ever give. At any time more than 1,300 Australians are on organ transplant waiting lists, but only one in three Australians have joined the Australian Organ Donor Register. It’s quick and easy to register, and you can save up to ten lives when your organs and tissues are donated. Make sure you tell your family about your decision too, they’ll be more likely to ensure your wishes are fulfilled if they know about it beforehand.  

Buy a goat

Ok, hear us out on this one. You don’t actually have to go and find a goat, Oxfam Australia have done all of the hard work for you! You can buy a goat that will be distributed to a vulnerable family in rural communities throughout Afghanistan. The goats are easy to raise, and Oxfam also provides training in keeping, vaccinating and de-worming the animals. It will be the best goat you ever buy!

Give the Gift of Life  

Traditionally a secret Santa gift is either a) amazing or b) atrocious, so we’ve got the perfect solution. It’s a gift that requires no money, no time agonising over what to get someone that has hobbies you’ve never heard of and there’s absolutely no awkward unwrapping in front of your co-workers. Your blood donation is crucial over the holidays, and it will help to save three lives. You can donate on behalf of someone, collect one of our 'Gift of Life' tags on your way out of the donor centre, and dedicate it to your loved one. We’ll look after transporting your gift to those who need it the most, and we’ll make sure you’ve had some delicious snacks and drinks before you go.