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Chloe's Challenge: How one girl saves hundreds of lives every year

Friday 3rd Aug 2018

The Tamworth community knows how to rally when they need to, something they illustrated when local 5 year-old, Chloe needed blood donations to help save her life after a brain infection.

In 2016, Chloe spent 5 months at Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney, receiving treatment for her infection, and ultimately finding out that due to an immune deficiency, none of Chloe’s childhood immunisations had effectively protected her body. To remain healthy, she would need weekly transfusions made from plasma.

Chloe is now a healthy and happy 7 year-old, thanks to regular weekly transfusions of donated blood products. Her recovery inspired a crew of Tamworth locals to create a yearly challenge, encouraging their community to donate regularly in Chloe’s name.

Chloe’s Challenge runs each year for 5 months, matching the months that Chloe once spent in Sydney, recovering from her brain infection. Last year this incredible group of lifesavers smashed their own targets and saved more than 400 lives through blood donations.

Their accomplishments didn’t stop there, as the months ticked by and more Tamworth locals dropped in to donate blood, they contributed to Chloe’s Challenge saving more than 1100 lives overall, and took their place as NSW’s most prolific group of blood donating lifesavers.

The need for blood is constant, and many recipients just like Chloe will need blood and plasma for much of their life. In its second year, Chloe’s Challenge is about raising awareness of the continued need for blood for many patients, and the incredible, positive impact you can have as a regular blood or plasma donor.