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Bloody Great Friday

Thursday 30th May 2019

Do you experience Festival FOMO? Are you finding your winter calendar a bit lacking in events that don’t require you to wear eleven layers of clothing to brave the wet and wild world outside? 

This June, we’re running the indoor event that will keep everyone happy: Bloody Great Friday.

We’re staying open for 24 hours in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

From 7pm Thursday 13 June, we’ll be running all sorts of fun events you can take part in.
The need for blood never stops, and nor do we. Our processing centres are always operating, ensuring Australian patients get the lifesaving blood they need.

Donate with a Mate

We need a new blood donor every five minutes, so we hope you’ll take the opportunity on our Bloody Great Friday to donate with a mate. Get a group chat going and ask your friends to help you make Australian history. 
Worried about asking your boss for time out of work to attend events? Get them on board to be a Great Boss. Better yet, get your colleagues to go with the flow and sign up to donate blood as well. There’s only one opportunity to say you were at the first Bloody Great Friday. 

The Bloody Great Friday ‘Donor’ Kebab

The only thing more satisfying than eating a kebab at 1am is eating a kebab while saving lives … at 1am. Or really, any time between 10pm and 3am, when we’ll be serving these up.
Celebrity chefs

Enjoy some posh nosh? Some local kitchen whizzes will be dropping in from 12pm to 3pm on Bloody Great Friday to serve up some exclusive dishes.

•    Melbourne: Frank Comorra of MoVida
•    Sydney: Nelly Robinson of nel.
•    Brisbane: Richard Ousby of Stokehouse

Sweet treats

We’ve sweetened the deal with a bespoke ice cream flavour especially for the event, created by Gelato Messina, and a waffle and smoothie bar around breakfast time.

That’s not all

Throughout the day, we’ll be keeping the celebration going with all sorts of entertainment, from live music to caricature artists, and magicians.

We need you

With the current cold and flu season mounting to be one of the worst we’ve seen in 20 years, a lot of Australian patients are relying on our Bloody Great Friday.

If you’re not local to one of the three CBD locations that will be open for 24 hours, you can still make it a great Friday: donate blood at more than 100 donor centres around Australia during our normal and extended operating hours. 
Be part of something big. Make an appointment below for June 14.