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6 Ways To Give Back That Won’t Break the Bank

Friday 27th Apr 2018

Many of us would like to make a charitable contribution or volunteer our time for the greater good, but it can be tough to figure out where to start. These charitable causes won’t cost you a cent. 

1. Volunteer at the Red Cross
Make new friends, expand your horizons, all while contributing to the greater good. It can be a regular gig, a one-off Tuesday you have free, or even a couple of hours a week where you phone a vulnerable member of your community to check on them. Find out more about volunteering with the Red Cross.

2. Donate blood or plasma
Making a blood or plasma donation is not only free, but it comes with complimentary snacks and the opportunity to put your feet up and relax, knowing you’re saving lives as you do so! So set aside some time, make an appointment to donate, and then catch up on your reading while thinking about your post-donation milkshake.

3. This one’s really easy: share on social
Whether you’re a blood donor or not, helping us to highlight the importance of blood donors is something everyone can do. Even a simple share on social media might be the thing that gets someone to make an appointment to save three lives.

4. Create a Lifeblood Teams Group
This is another one you can do whether or not you are a blood donor. Gather your eligible mates, workmates, neighbours or family and help them into a regular donating schedule by registering a Lifeblood Team. Your group can span suburbs or states, every donation made in that group’s name counts toward your lifesaving tally. Surely the best ‘dream team’.

5. Register as an organ donor
There are very few selfless acts that could give so much, with so little action required from you. Lots of people still think this is covered by ticking the box on your driver’s license renewal form, but this isn’t the case in all states, so register to become an organ donor and then have a chat with your family to ensure they understand your wishes, and maybe encourage them to register, too. Two gold stars for you!

6. Clean out your wardrobe
There’s nothing quite like the feeling of absolute fulfilment and calm that comes from clearing out your wardrobe, leaving only the things you truly love. The rest of it, as long as it’s in good nick, can wing its way to the Red Cross, where it will enjoy a new life making a real difference to the lives of many people. Good for the environment, good for your community, good for the soul!

To find out more about the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood and how donations help others, visit our website.