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bleed 4 blue

The NSW Police Force, together with the NSW Police Association will roll-up their sleeves to donate blood as part of the Bleed4Blue’ campaign

The ‘Bleed4Blue’ campaign is a blood drive created for the policing community, as well as the general public, to give back following the stabbing of Detective Sergeant John Breda. Sergeant John Breda needed more than 44 bags of blood to save his life, after being injured in the line of duty.

The challenge is on for police across Australia to take part and see which state or territory can donate the most blood during February.

Community members wanting to donate can register their donation with the Police Community Group here.

The donations of police signed up to Red25 will automatically be counted, new donors are encouraged to join their state’s Red25 group.

State results

Organisation Donation count
NSW Police Force 942
Victoria Police 350
QLD Police Service 222
South Australia Police (SAPOL) 204
WA Police 135
Australian Federal Police (AFP) 126
Tasmania Police 70
ACT Policing - Australian Federal Police 16
NT Police Fire and Emergency Services (PFES) 15
Total 2,080
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