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Bleed4Blue Blood Challenge

1 December – 28 February

Get your blood pumping

Are you ready for the third annual Bleed4Blue Blood Challenge?

Bleed4Blue was created by the NSW Police Force to give back following the stabbing of Detective Sergeant John Breda in February 2018.

Detective Sergeant John Breda needed more than 100 bags of blood to save his life, including 48 bags in one six-hour surgery, and is a strong advocate for blood donation.

This year we're expecting competition to be fierce with Police Forces across the country warming up to save the most lives.

Help us reach the challenge goal of 4,800 donations or 14,400 lives saved by giving blood or plasma between 1 December and 28 February.

Watch the video from this year’s launch to learn more about the challenge.

How to get involved:

  1. Register a blood donor account if you don’t already have one - you can register online
  2. Join your Police Force’s Lifeblood Team - just follow our step-by-step instructions on how to join a team
  3. Book a time to give life. Every donation you make automatically goes towards your team’s tally and the overall Bleed4Blue challenge total!

You can check in on the front runners throughout the challenge and see how your team measures up.

Spread the word

This isn’t a solo event—it’ll take a team to win. Show your support by encouraging colleagues, friends and family to donate.

For more information, or help with Lifeblood Teams, contact us online or call 1300 886 524.

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