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Take a look through this section for more details on Club Red. If you have additional questions or need more help, please contact us.

What is Club Red?

Club Red provides an opportunity for any group of people – businesses, community or youth groups – to get together and do something special by regularly donating blood.

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What is Club Red Online?

Club Red online provides groups the option to track their donations online and see how many lives they save. The donation tallies displayed provide total group tallies only, not individual donation details.

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How to join Club Red?

Any group can join Club Red. To get started:

 (1) Select a Club Red Coordinator for your group

Your Club Red Coordinator can be anyone within your group who has the enthusiasm and resources to promote the program and educate existing and potential donors. The coordinator could be someone who is unable to give blood but is passionate about the cause. If the coordinator is also a donor, they will need to register as both the group contact and as a Club Red donor.

 (2) Ask people from your group to donate together

To book a group appointment, you will need to contact us, allowing 2-4 weeks notice if possible. Arranging a donation time that is suitable to your group is important to us, so by working together we can tailor appointments to suit your requirements.

If your group hasn’t donated before, we can provide you with a toolkit to help your recruitment campaign. Club Red Coordinators are not expected to be experts on blood donation and our Club Red representatives are on hand to help with any queries. Contact us for more information.

 (3) Decide if you want to track your group donations online

Club Red has an online tool to help you track your group donations and see how many lives your group has saved. It’s a great motivator for your group to donate blood.

If you’d like to participate in Club Red online, your group’s Club Red coordinator first needs to register your group.  Your Club Red Coordinator will need to ensure they have appropriate authority, or have sought required approvals, to register on behalf of your organisation or group. Each group only needs to register once. 

Once the group is registered we'll be in touch with the coordinator to confirm details and find out how you want to interact with Club Red.

When your group gives blood, encourage donors from your group to join Club Red online and nominate for their donations to count towards your group donation tally. Donors only need to register once.

Then view your tally online and watch as the number of lives that your group saves grows! 

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Can I join Club Red without using Club Red Online?

Yes! You can be a part of Club Red without using Club Red online, and you will still make a real difference to the lives of people who need blood.

Club Red online is simply a tool that groups can use to track their donation tally.

If you’d like to be part of Club Red and would like more information about how your group can participate, please contact us

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Register your Group for Club Red Online

You need to register your group to get started with Club Red online.

The person from your organisation who registers as coordinator must have sought the required approvals within the organisation to submit the details on behalf of the organisation. By registering for Club Red online and agreeing to the disclaimer, you are authorising the Australian Red Cross Blood Service to display your organisation or group name online and the associated donation tally.

Number of employees or members

Number of employees or members refers to the number of people across your whole organisation or group, nationally. 

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Joining a Club Red Group Online

When you join Club Red online, your donations will be counted towards your nominated group's online tally. Your Group needs to be already registered to have its tally displayed online. And of course...you can't join a Group if it is not yet registered!

Donor ID

If you are an existing donor, you will have a Donor ID, which is listed on your donor card. Your Donor ID is used to allocate your donations to your nominated group. If you don’t have your Donor ID, you can request it by calling 13 14 95, or by visiting your local donor centre with some personal identification (e.g. drivers licence or Medicare card).

Organisation or group

Your organisation or group must first be registered online before any person from your group can join. Once your organisation is registered and you have joined Club Red online, any successful donations you make will be counted towards that organisation’s donation tally.


By entering a location (e.g. your office location), your group can ask for a report on the donations made for each location. It’s a great tool to encourage some friendly competition. Contact us if you’d like more information.


By choosing your division, your group can ask for a report on the donations made for each division. It’s a great tool to encourage some friendly competition within your organisation. We'll need to set up the divisions for you, working with your group organiser. Contact us if you’d like more information. 

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View Group Tally Results 

The group tally shows the number of donations made by a group for the current month in the calendar year, and the calendar year to date*. The results can also divided by state or division, and shows a national total.

One successful donation means one donation will be added to the tally. Each donation saves three lives.

*Australian Red Cross Blood Service uses its best endeavours to ensure the accuracy of donation numbers on this site, however is unable to verify the accuracy of this information at any given time. Donations take 24 hours to appear online.  

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Change your Club Red Online Details

To ensure we count your donation towards the right organisation tally, keep us updated with your current details.

If you no longer wish to take part in Club Red online you can also opt-out

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What is a Blood Challenge ?

A Blood Challenge is a friendly competition held between two or more groups who aim to be the group with the most donations. Blood Challenges are a great way to motivate your group and other organisations to donate blood and help us save more lives.

If your group would like to participate in a Blood Challenge, you will need to contact us to get started it started. We can guide you on how best to organise the challenge, including using Club Red online, and work with you to find suitable time to hold a Blood Challenge.

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View Blood Challenge Results

The Blood Challenge tally shows the total number of donations* made by a group as well as the split between donations made by Club Red members and donations made by friends or family.

A percentage result is used for many Blood Challenges. The challenge winner would be the group who has engaged the most people to donate blood, calculated as a percentage of the number of employees or members. The highest percentage indicates the challenge winner.

One successful donation means one donation will be added to the tally. Each donation saves 3 lives.

*Australian Red Cross Blood Service uses its best endeavours to ensure the accuracy of donation numbers on this site, however is unable to verify the accuracy of this information at any given time. Donations take approximately 24 hours to appear online. 

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Join a Blood Challenge

If you have previously joined Club Red online and your group is participating in a Blood Challenge, your donations will automatically be added to your group’s donation tally – so there’s no need to register again. 

If you are new to Club Red and want to join a Challenge, you can do so through your Group.

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What happens when you change your Blood Challenge details?

You can change the Group/Challenge you are participating in, or update us with your new details. 

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