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Townsville at the forefront of plasma

To make it easier for Australian’s to donate plasma more often, we’ve opened the first dedicated plasma donor centre in the southern hemisphere.  With the highest number of voluntary plasma donors per capita, Townsville is the perfect location for this pilot.

The newly refurbished Townsville donor centre includes some exciting new initiatives. We’ve introduced new technologies, processes, improved entertainment services and enhancements to the centre design to help provide a streamlined, relaxed and enjoyable donation experience. 

Call 13 14 95 to make your appointment.

What is plasma?

There are four components to your blood – red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets. 

Plasma is the liquid part that forms the majority of our blood. It’s what your red blood cells float in, and it’s loaded with thousands of proteins and nutrients that are vital to the way our bodies function. Find out more about plasma, how donating plasma works, how to become a plasma donor and who your plasma helps.  

Why are plasma donations needed?

Australia’s demand for plasma is at an all-time high and is actually higher than our current supply. Therefore, we are looking at ways to increase plasma donations from Australian donors to meet patient needs.

Plasma is used to create a broad range of life-saving medical treatments, and with an unprecented demand, it’s no wonder plasma has quickly become the most sought after component of our blood. 

Have any questions?

If you would like to learn more about plasma donation and what it means for you or to make an appointment, please call us on 13 14 95

We look forward to welcoming you at the refurbished Townsville donor centre

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