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Dr Tanya Davison

Dr Tanya Davison

National Donor Research Manager

Microscope Institute for Health & Ageing, Australian Catholic University

Dr Tanya Davidson is a Clinical Psychologist, with a research and clinical background in mental health, and a particular interest in designing and evaluating psychological interventions to facilitate positive outcomes for individuals and lead to practice changes within health care systems.

With an established track record in improving the care of older adults in nursing homes, she has more recently turned her attention to blood donation.

In this role Tanya leads a multidisciplinary team of researchers who are investigating ways to improve the recruitment and retention of blood donors, as well as maintain the health and wellbeing of Australians donating blood.

Awards and Leadership
Tanya is a registered Clinical Psychologist, and a member of the Donors and Donation Working Party within the International Society for Blood Transfusion.



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