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Research focus

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Applied and Developmental Research

Research Program Leader - Dr Denese Marks

Conducts research and technology evaluations that have the potential to improve blood product quality and safety, operational efficiency and donor well being. Applied and Developmental Research teams work closely with aligned Blood Service Divisions and other leaders in transfusion technology and research.

Clinical Research

Research Program Leader - Dr Hugh Capper

Focused on donor safety and the safety, efficacy and appropriate use of blood products through direct participation and/or collaboration with other research groups in human clinical trials. This includes the development of patient and donor registries that track donor characteristics and transfusion outcomes resulting from the use of Blood Service products to inform current and future transfusion practices.

Donor and Community Research

Senior Research Fellow - Dr Geoff Smith

A targeted research program designed to examine donor retention, recruitment, motivation and community attitudes to blood and plasma donation, with the purpose of providing research outcomes that contribute to marketing campaigns, organisational policies and broader public heath issues in relation to blood donation.

Transfusion Science Research

Research Program Leader - Prof. Robert Flower

Longer term cutting edge research to generate and translate knowledge into improved operational procedures or clinical practice. Research areas include, but are not restricted to, physiology of the reticuloendothelial and circulatory systems including regulation of cellular function, as well as the coagulation system, transfusion pathophysiology (including immuno-biology) and molecular diagnostics. 

Innovation and Development

Innovation and Development Manager - Ms Suiyin Cheah

Reviews and develops (where appropriate) research and business opportunities that may arise from R&D projects and other opportunities conducted within or in collaboration with the Blood Service. In addition, this function acts as a conduit for the development and management of ‘Deed’ and ‘non-Deed’ activities, both internally and externally, including the provision of project management and reporting support services, contract management services, testing services to external organisations and the supply of products for research, teaching and other related purposes. Through managing these activities, R&D is able more readily to access relevant research opportunities external to the Blood Service.