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More information about reactions from plasma donations

Vasovagal reactions and bruising/haematoma are the most frequent complications associated with blood donation. Plasmapheresis donations are associated with the lowest frequency of adverse reactions. See table of adverse events from plama donations compared to total for 2014-2015.

  Total donations Donations with events Frequency Rate/10,000 donations
Plasmapheresis 509,269 8,806 1:58 173
Total procedures 1,322,883 35,662 1:36 275

Very rarely there are serious complications related to plasma donation that result in referrals to hospital or a GP. See table of external medical referrals from plasma donations compared to total for 2014-2015.

  Number of hospital referrals Hospital referrals (% of collections) Number of GP referrals GP referrals (% of collections)
Plasmapheresis 100 0.02 257 0.05
Total 450 0.03 986 0.08

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