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The Red25 Emergency Services Blood Challenge has now wrapped up for 2016, thank you to all of the generous people who gave blood during the challenge. In just three short months, emergency service personnel across the country gave a total of 8,145 donations, saving up to 24,400 lives!

The results show that a little healthy competition goes a long way…

  Highest # Donations Actual
ACT Australian Federal Police 149
NSW NSW Police Force 778
NT NT Police Fire and Emergency Services 28
QLD QLD Police Service 517
SA South Australia Police 577
TAS Tasmania Police 130
VIC Country Fire Authority (VIC) 744
WA WA Police 249


  Highest Donation Frequency (Average donations per donor) Actual
ACT ACT Rural Fire Service 2.40
NSW Royal Flying Doctors Service (NSW) 4.00
NT NT Fire and Rescue 2.86
QLD St John Ambulance (QLD) 2.50
SA Aviation Rescure Fire Fighting (SA) 3.00
TAS Tasmania Police 1.78
VIC Country Fire Authority (VIC) 1.74
WA National Investigations (WA) Australian Federal Police 2.50


  Highest Percentage of Year-on-year growth Actual
ACT Australian Federal Police 45%
NSW St John Ambulance (NSW) 40%
NT NT Police Fire and Emergency Service 75%
QLD QLD Fire and Emergency Services 18%
SA SA State Emergency Service 2%
TAS Ambulance Tasmania 68%
VIC Country Fire Authority (VIC) 26%
WA St John Ambulance (WA) 197%

Congratulations to the 2016 winners!

See where your Red25 group placed in your state.

Planning is already underway for 2017 but the dates are yet to be confirmed. Be sure to sign up to your organisation's Red25 group (if you aren't already a member) to make sure you are included in the next challenge.

The challenge is over, but the need remains…

Although it’s fun to have a short competition, the need for blood is actually year-round. As a Red25 member, you can donate any time of the year and your donation will count towards your emergency service’s annual tally. Not only that, but you’ll be part of Red25’s overall goal of making 25 per cent of all of Australia’s blood donations.

On behalf of all those who your donations help, thank you. Every single donation has changed lives.

Thank you for being a lifesaver!

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