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National Blood Donor Week

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Celebrate National Blood Donor Week 2014

Thank you

National Blood Donor Week is a time for us to give a heartfelt thank you to Australia’s 530,000 voluntary donors for making such an amazing difference. Together they give more than 1.3 million blood donations every year – a milestone well worth celebrating.

Around 27,000 donations are needed each week to meet demand. Cancer patients, pregnant mums and their babies, people undergoing emergency surgery, road trauma victims and people with certain blood conditions all rely on blood products to keep them alive.

Become a blood donor - make an amazing difference

One in three Australians will need blood in their lifetime but only one in 30 actually donates. 

You never know when you or someone you love will need blood, and there’s no better way to ensure it’s there than to become a donor.  It only takes an hour of your time and every donation helps save three lives.

Ready to donate? Make an appointment today.

Not ready to make an appointment? Find out more below, or call us on 13 14 95.