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In Australia, one blood donation is needed every 24 seconds.

In 2015, a powerful movement took the UK by storm. Organisations removed their A’s, O’s and B’s to help raise awareness of the ‘missing’ blood types. These letters represent the three main blood groups that we need to ensure that patients always have the blood that they need. This activity generated over 128 million views through social media and other digital platforms.

In 2016, Australia joined the Missing Type campaign along with 25 other countries to help raise awareness of the missing blood types. Over 150 organsiations and iconic brands including Qantas, Coles, Sydney Opera house, Neighbours, National Australia Bank and Bondi Surf Lifesaving Club all removed the letters from their names.

This year on June 12th, Australian organisations will once again, join the global Missing Type campaign to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining blood stores in Australia.  If you would like to receive more information about how your organisation can be involved, please include your details below and our National Partnerships team will contact you;

International ‘Missing type 2018’

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