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Plasma demand drives SA mobile network revamp


An increasing patient need for plasma-based products has prompted the Blood Service to make an important change to South Australia’s mobile collection network.

Under the change, the Blood Service will expand its largest mobile sites to accommodate lengthier plasma donations.

The change involves staff staying longer at the busiest mobile sites, and as a result means the Blood Service will no longer visit a series of smaller locations.



A band of Adelaide's finest super heroes have come to the rescue of patients in need. 

A total of 15 super heroes, to be exact, from the Adelaide-based CosPlay for a Cause rolled up their latex sleeves to give blood at Adelaide’s Regent Blood Donor Centre.

Their powers were revealed in a special event arranged by blood donor and costume enthusiast James Murray. 

“I donated blood recently and realised it is easy, and the nurses are so caring,” he said. 

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image of super heroes giving blood at Regent Arcade
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Captain America takes point as Poison Ivy gives blood Photo credit: John Hemmings, Weekender Herald

Donors receive Fringe benefits as performers busk for blood


It’s Mad March in Adelaide and performers are literally ‘busking for blood’ to remind locals that the need for blood doesn’t take a break during the busy festival season. 

In a bid to raise awareness about the state’s current donor shortage, Fringe act First Draft Theatre hosted a special in-donor-centre show for blood donors.  

The improv-comedy troupe performs spontaneous scenes inspired by their audience.

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First Draft Theatre entertained donors in a bid to help spread the word that more are needed during Mad March in Adelaide.

Donors - thank you from the bottom of my heart


Blood donations have saved Jane’s Every’s life on more than one occasion. After enduring more heartbreak than most people would ever dream of, she is sharing her story in hope it will encourage more people to donate blood. 

In 2009 Jane’s son Goliath was stillborn after many weeks of not knowing if he would live. After the birth, she haemorrhaged and lost three litres of blood. Jane received red cells and plasma during emergency surgery.

I owe my life to blood donors..I'm very fortunate and very grateful to everyone

Life savers on and off the shore


Darwin Surf Life Savers have proven they are committed life-savers on and off the beach.

This summer Surf Life Saving Northern Territory Chief Executive Officer, Tony Snelling gathered a group of donors from his club to donate blood together at the Casuarina Blood Donor Centre as part of the Blood Service’s Club Red program.

Club Red is a group blood donation program which encourages community, business and youth groups to donate blood together. 

Darwin Surf Life Savers have proven they are committed on and off the beach.

Jamie takes the first step for son Roman


Jamie Ellul has rolled up his sleeves for the first time after being inspired to donate by his 11 month old son Roman. 

Roman suffers from a Nephrotic Syndrome. This condition means his kidneys are basically tearing and repairing all of the time. During that tear and repair process the good proteins that the kidneys produce are essentially leaked out into his system and this causes his body to swell. 

Roman is alive because of blood donors generosity.

To love, honour and donate


Newlyweds Allen and Chantal Brown made a special visit to the Port Adelaide Blood Donor Centre on their wedding day, minutes after their wedding ceremony. 

The pair visited the donor centre on their special day, in gown and tux, to see the team that couldn’t make it to the ceremony because they were busy collecting life-saving donations. As regular donors at the centre, Allen and Chantal felt it was only fitting to involve the centre in their special day of celebrations.  

Newlyweds visit the Port Adelaide Blood Donor Centre on their wedding day.

Who wants to be a hero?


Jessica, Jordan and Glenn have spread the word about blood donation at Willunga High School through the Blood Service’s Youth Ambassadors Program. They have shared their thoughts on a very successful year. 


How did you spread the word about donating at Willunga High School?

Wilunga High School Blood Ambassadors.

Inspector Peter Crouch saves 300 lives


Inspector Peter Crouch from SA Police is being celebrated as a real bloody hero after making his 100th donation at the Marion Blood Donor Centre. 

It was the tragic loss of two friends that motivated Peter to keep giving blood over the last 36 years. 

Peter first donated blood in the 1970s. At the time, he was employed with the police force and partnered with Senior Constable Gordon Loft. His partner’s wife Pauline worked as a nurse at the Blood Service and together they encouraged Peter to become a donor. 

Inspector Peter Crouch has made his 100th blood donation!

A celebration of 50 years and 50 donations


Richard Scott has twice the reason to celebrate after making his 50th donation on his 50th birthday. Richard has been donating since he was 16 years of age. He never dreamed of reaching such an impressive milestone when he first became a blood donor and was thrilled to learn he could make his milestone donation on his significant birthday. “The nurse did the maths and realised I could make my next donation around my birthday,” Richard said. Richard was more than happy to give an hour of his time on his special day and hopes his actions will encourage more people to roll up their sleeves.

Richard has donated blood for 50 years - well done!
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