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Defence organisation blood challenge

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Petty Officer Scott Norbury of HMAS Cerberus owes not only his own life, but the lives of both his sons to the generosity of blood donors.

Just after leaving High School, PO Norbury was involved in a serious car accident that left him in a coma for several weeks and he required numerous operations to keep him alive.

He suffered internal bleeding, multiple fractures, serious head injuries, and required blood transfusions, surgery and a year of intense rehabilitation to recover from the accident.

Fast forward a few years and his two sons were both born 12 weeks premature and needed blood transfusions to keep them alive.

As a result of these experiences, PO Norbury signed up to become a regular blood donor, saving the lives of others facing the same trauma he himself had encountered.

Speaking about the birth of his sons, PO Norbury said he knows just how vital blood donations are.

“When Angus was born so early we relied heavily on blood donations to keep him going,” PO Norbury said.

“He spent over three months in hospital relying regularly on blood top up’s.

“The bags of blood he was receiving were only 25 to 50ml which means an average adult donation of 470ml can make a few of these baby bags.”

When his second son Saxon was born, also at 28 weeks, he too required these small but regular blood transfusions for initial ‘touch and go’ months.

“Both boys are doing really well now but it brings home how important regular blood donations are and how many people in different situations need blood products.

“The Defence Organisation Blood Challenge is a great incentive to get people donating with a bit of inter-Service rivalry and to encourage everyone to roll up their sleeves for a great cause.”

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