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10 years on Jodi is still thanking donors

  • Pregnancy complications could have cost Jodi her life.

  • Pregnancy complications could have cost Jodi her life.
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Pregnant with her third child, Jodi developed Placenta Accreta, a condition that causes the placenta to grow through the uterus and into the wall of the bladder. 

During her caesarean birth and removal of the placenta, part of the bladder was also removed, leading to a massive haemorrhage.  

Because of this Jodi had to have an emergency hysterectomy immediately after the birth however this did not stop the bleeding altogether as the damage that had been done to her bladder had not been discovered.

During this touch and go time, Jodi received a total of 49 units of blood, exhausting the supply at the Latrobe Regional Hospital, with additional units transported to Traralgon from Melbourne under police escort.

Once stabilised she was flown to Monash Medical Centre in Melbourne for further treatment, including surgery to repair the bladder.

Several times during that time, Jodi’s husband Rick was advised by doctors to say his goodbyes, however after four days in a coma, Jodi woke up, and after just three weeks in hospital she was well enough to return home to her husband and three young children.

Daughter Madelaine (Laini) is now 10 years old and Jodi is thankful to the blood donors who saved her life, allowing her to raise her daughter and two older sons, Lachlan and Joshua.

One in three Australians will need blood or a blood product in their lifetime yet only one in 30 currently donates.

To donate visit click here or call 13 14 95.