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State winners prepare to take on the nation

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After claiming victory in the South Australian Emergency Services Challenge, the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) and the state’s other emergency services are now ready to take on the nation in the National Emergency Services Challenge.

The MFS were worthy winners of the state challenge with 5.2 percent of the organisation donating blood. In total, the state’s services recorded 280 donations which is a 71 percent increase on the 2011 result.

Blood Service community relations officer Genevieve Byrt is confident that South Australia will be a strong contender in the national challenge.

“Following what has been achieved in the state challenge, our service departments are well positioned to achieve greatness in the national challenge,” Genevieve said.

“The donations made in the state challenge helped 800 patients in need. Cancer and surgical patients, pregnant women and people with blood diseases have all benefited from this donated blood.”

The national challenge commenced this month and will see the country’s police, fire-fighters, paramedics and emergency response workers and volunteers face off to see who is the most generous emergency service.

You can show your support for South Australia’s emergency service workers by donating blood and saving lives.

To donate visit www.donateblood.com.au or call 13 14 95