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Fear is the path to the dark side

  • The Redback Garrison

  • The Redback Garrison
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Adam Lochowicz, a Stormtrooper with Queensland’s Redback Garrison, said that bad guys can do good things too.

“While we were the ultimate evil in the movies, spreading Fear throughout the Universe, our group is now helping people to overcome their fears to give blood and save lives.  Star Wars has a great connection with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service as blood and blood products are the ‘force’ that keeps the heart of Australia beating.

Our group "The Redback Garrison" on the Gold Coast has recently joined Club Red online and we'll be encouraging all our members to donate and save lives in 2013.  In 2012 we saved over 100 lives through our group blood and plasma donations and we plan to double that for the next year.


Month to date (December)

Year to date (2012)

Number of lives saved





For more information about setting up a group and joining Club Red online call 13 14 95 or go to:   http://www.donateblood.com.au/who-can-give/club-red

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