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Kelly & Matthew...a perfect match

  • Kelly Henderson & Matthew Trewern pictured.

  • Kelly Henderson & Matthew Trewern pictured.
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My name is Kelly Henderson and I was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma in 2000. It appeared in one of my ribs when I was aged 14. I underwent chemotherapy and then had the rib removed. That was followed by radiation therapy and then further chemotherapy. Five years later in 2005, then aged 19, I had a relapse with the cancer appearing in my lung. I underwent surgery to have part of my lower lung removed and then commenced a further course of chemotherapy followed by two stem cell transplants. After each and every round of chemotherapy I required blood and blood products; in particular platelets. If it wasn’t for generous blood donors I wouldn’t be alive today and would not have been able to travel to
Canada on student exchange in 2010 where I met fellow Australian Matthew Trewern. Matthew and I are now engaged, planning for our wedding in 2014 and our life together. Matthew has been a blood donor since the age of 17. It makes me so very proud knowing that he is saving lives just like mine has been saved. Blood donors have not only saved my life, but given me a life and both of us a future together.

Thank you...
Kelly Henderson & Matthew Trewern
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