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'Blood Signal' to alert Australians to critical need

  • We have developed a digital Blood Signal to call donors when we need blood.

  • We have developed a digital Blood Signal to call donors when we need blood.
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The Australian Red Cross Blood Service has developed a digital Blood Signal to call donors into action at times of critical need – similar to Batman’s Bat Signal.

The Blood Service will activate the Blood Signal across multiple social networks and on radio via a recognisable image and sound byte.

It will only be activated during times of critical need, with the aim of making it one of the most powerful symbols in the nation.

Blood Service spokesman Shaun Inguanzo said the Blood Service would activate the signal across multiple social networks so that donors and non-donors could help spread the word.

“When you see the Blood Signal, it means we need donors now.  No ifs, no buts,” he said.

“We liken the Blood Signal to the Bat Signal: that is, we hope Australian donors will see it as a call-to-action to rise to the occasion.  

“Even if you can’t donate, you can share the Blood Signal to encourage friends to give in your place thanks to the power of social media.

“Every donation you make or help encourage can help save three lives, including those of cancer patients, unborn babies, mothers giving birth, road trauma victims, burns victims, and people who need kidney dialysis.

“One in three people will need blood in their lifetime yet only one in 30 donates. Demand is set to double in the next 10 years, meaning we’ll need every donor possible to help save lives.”

Mr Inguanzo said people could visit bloodsignal.com.au to learn more about the signal and how it will be used.

To donate make an appointment online or call 13 14 95.

For images or further information please contact: 
Shaun Inguanzo, National Media Officer
M: 0458 005 774
E: singuanzo@redcrossblood.org.au