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Health Students Blood Challenge

Step up, give blood, go for glory!

In 2016, Australian university health students competing in the Red25 Health Students Blood Challenge made an incredible 2,851 blood donations.

As one donation has the potential to save up to three lives, that equates to around 8,550 people helped! Just let that sink in for a moment…

This year’s challenge is shaping up to be bigger still – and your university needs you!

Without your help, winter can be a particularly tough time for people affected by cancer, blood disease, burns, childbirth complications, surgery, immune conditions and other health issues. When you step up and give blood, it can be that little bit easier. If you’re a member of AMSA (Australian Medical Students Association), ADSA (Australian Dental Students Association) or NAPSA (National Australian Pharmacy Students Association), compete in the Red25 Health Students Blood Challenge.

Take part in the AMSA Vampire Cup or ADSA and NAPSA’s internal challenges and your involvement will be counted in the overall Health Students Blood Challenge!


How to get involved

Not yet a member of Red25?

Follow these four easy steps.

  1. Book a time to donate blood between 24 July and 17 September. You can make an appointment here or by calling 13 14 95
  2. Join your university association’s Red25 group.
  3. Give blood and have your donation automatically added to your group’s tally.
  4. Track and compare online your group’s progress against the rest of the competition.

Already a member of your Red25 group?

Then you don’t need to re-register. Just give blood during the challenge to have your donations automatically added to the tally.

Can’t Donate? Encourage!

The more folk involved, the more lives saved. You yourself don’t need to donate in order to make a difference. Promote the Red25 Challenge among your fellow students, encourage your friends and family to donate, or organise a group donation by calling 1300 886 524 It all helps!


Keep your mates up to speed with promotional posters, social media posts, progress reports and more.

To download, click on the link or picture and select ‘Save as’ or ‘Download’ from your web browser menu.

A4 Poster
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A4 Poster (editable)
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A3 Poster
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A3 Poster (editable)
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Editable Progress Report
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Website/intranet banner
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Red25 Health Students Challenge Screensaver

Template emails (to send to your fellow students to get them involved!)
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Pre-challenge email template

Commencement email template

2017 Awards Categories


Highest Number of Donations

Highest Number of New Donors

Most Improved for Year-on-Year Growth
*This will be calculated at the end of the challenge













Overall Cup winner
*This will be calculated at the end of the challenge



Terms and Conditions

A Red25 group must have a minimum of 20 members in order to compete.

The award for Highest Number of Donations is calculated proportionate to the number of members in the Red25 group.

The award for Most Improved for Year-on-Year Growth is calculated against the Red25 group’s 2016 tally. In order to be eligible, a Red25 group must have had at least 10 donations in their 2016 tally.

One award, in each category, will be given to one university in each association.

The Overall Cup Winner will be awarded to the association that tracks the greatest overall growth in donations compared to their 2016 performance.


For more information

Contact the Red25 team at here or call 1300 886 524