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Defence Challenge

Every year, Army, Navy, Air Force and Defence civilian personnel across Australia compete to give the most blood donations and save the most lives.

Last year, the combined services gave 5,426 donations, which saved up to 16,000 lives. This year, our target is 6,000 donations – and you can help us achieve it.

The challenge is on from 1 September to 8 December 2015. Don’t let another service take the title of Defence’s top blood donors!

How to get involved

You need to be part of your service’s Red25 group to have the donations you make during the challenge added to its total tally. Whether you go alone or with colleagues, every donation you make counts.

If you haven’t participated before or aren’t a member of Red25 (previously Club Red)

  1. Join your service’s Red25 group.
  2. Use our online form or call 13 14 95 to book your appointment to donate blood between 1 September and 8 December.
  3. Give blood to have your donation automatically added to your service’s tally.
  4. Track how your service is going on the results page.

If you’ve participated before and/or are a Red25 member

You’re ready to start donating! Simply book one or more appointments for during the challenge and keep checking the results page to see your service’s tally grow.

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More information

Contact the Red25 team online or call 1300 886 524