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From banana milkshake to baby: Australia’s cutest donor centre romance


A Sydney donor who met his wife while giving blood is encouraging Australians to let their hearts do the work this Valentine’s Day.

Luke Henderson first donated blood at the age of 19 after witnessing how blood helped save his mum from breast cancer.

Several years later he met his wife Alissa at the Elizabeth Street Donor Centre in Sydney, she was a milkshake volunteer in refreshments.

“Alissa brought me a banana milkshake as I started a plasma donation, I was really surprised when I looked up and she was there.”

“She had the most gorgeous smile.”

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Luke and Alissa with baby Amelia... and yes, that's a milkshake to the right!

Gamers prove they're spec-Dracula at saving lives


SYDNEY computer game fans and journalists helped to save 30 lives at a special preview of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 hosted at the Elizabeth Street Donor Centre this week.

The event, organised by Mindscape Asia Pacific and the Blood Service, gave gamers a first-hand opportunity to play the latest title in the long-running series of Castlevania games before anyone else in Australia.

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Nye has a challenge on his hands as he attempts to collect blood from Dracula and a companion.
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