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Delivery of blood to improve thanks to manufacturing changes


The Blood Service today announced the implementation from 1 July 2015 of a second round of structural changes to its manufacturing division in a bid to improve delivery of blood products to Australian hospitals.

Blood Service Manufacturing Executive Director, Jacqui Caulfield, said the change would complete the implementation of the MLAB (Manufacturing Laboratory Improvement Project) & MICS (Manufacturing Improvement Customer Service Project): a nationally-consistent structure designed to better deliver blood products to Australian hospitals.

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Processing and testing organisational improvements


The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is pleased to announce organisational improvements to its processing and testing laboratories, which will give staff greater job satisfaction and clear career progression opportunities, while at the same time improving service delivery.

Blood Service announces changes


The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is relocating part of its Adelaide manufacturing operations to Melbourne. Preparations for the move will take several months, with the majority of the work being transferred in October 2012.

Blood collection and distribution in South Australia will continue as usual. There will be no changes to the blood supplies for Adelaide patients and hospitals.

The Blood Service has made significant investment in South Australia in recent years, and is committed to the state’s role in Australia’s blood collection system:

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