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Ballarat vs Bendigo in bloody rematch



The long running rivalry between Ballarat and Bendigo is set to reach fever pitch in November with the launch of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service 2012 Ballarat versus Bendigo Blood Challenge. 

Now in its fourth year the challenge, organised by local police, pits city against city to see who can donate the most blood during the month of November. 

In 2011 Bendigo released Ballarat’s stranglehold on the title, winning the challenge for the first time in three years, so Ballarat will be back donating with a vengeance this November.

One hundred not out!


Bendigo’s very own Barry Mulcair made an important milestone – his 100th Blood donation.

Saving the lives of up to 300 people with his donations, Barry joins an ever growing list of donors chalking up triple figures on their donation tallies!

The staff at the Bendigo Donor Centre made sure Barry was congratulated for his outstanding efforts with a card and photo!

Speaking about the occasion Barry was appreciative of the celebration his milestone created!

Bendigo local Barry Mulcair makes his 100th blood donation!
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