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A band of Adelaide's finest super heroes have come to the rescue of patients in need. 

A total of 15 super heroes, to be exact, from the Adelaide-based CosPlay for a Cause rolled up their latex sleeves to give blood at Adelaide’s Regent Blood Donor Centre.

Their powers were revealed in a special event arranged by blood donor and costume enthusiast James Murray. 

“I donated blood recently and realised it is easy, and the nurses are so caring,” he said. 

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image of super heroes giving blood at Regent Arcade
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Captain America takes point as Poison Ivy gives blood Photo credit: John Hemmings, Weekender Herald

Faster service for our donors


Donors who call the Blood Service will now be served faster than ever before thanks to a series of system upgrades.

The Blood Service employs 200 people at its Adelaide-based National Contact Centre (NCC). These dedicated and passionate people are the agents you speak with when you call 13 14 95.

NCC manager Greg Harmer described the Genesys platform as the NCC's ‘engine room’ that allows its agents to have more than 50,000 conversations with donors each week.

“At any given time we are talking with well over 100 donors,” Mr Harmer said.

We can serve our donors faster now when they call 131495.

Blood Service announces changes


The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is relocating part of its Adelaide manufacturing operations to Melbourne. Preparations for the move will take several months, with the majority of the work being transferred in October 2012.

Blood collection and distribution in South Australia will continue as usual. There will be no changes to the blood supplies for Adelaide patients and hospitals.

The Blood Service has made significant investment in South Australia in recent years, and is committed to the state’s role in Australia’s blood collection system:

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