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National Blood Donor Week

12–18 June 2016

National Blood Donor Week 2016

During National Blood Donor Week, we celebrate this country’s 495,000 incredible, life-saving blood donors.

When father-of-three Brett developed viral pneumonia and went into a coma during an overseas trip, it took over 240 blood donations to save his life. Without blood donors, he and thousands of others wouldn’t be here today.

Thank you to everyone who donates blood and supports blood donation.

Share the love 12–18 June

National Blood Donor Week is the perfect time to proudly tell the world that you’re a donor or a supporter. Download and share any of the images below on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile using #donorweek.

With your help, we can encourage more people in Australia to try the best biscuit during National Blood Donor Week.

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National Blood Donor Week Best Week Social National Blood Donor Week Blood Donor Social National Blood Donor Week Plasma Donor Social National Blood Donor Week Platelets Donor Social National Blood Donor Week Giving Feels Good Social National Blood Donor Week Thank You Social     

Organisations and groups

Is your organisation or group interested in supporting and promoting National Blood Donor Week?
See our Red25 resource page for more info.